High density  

The data centre in Melbourne emphatically proclaims that they are loaded with the capacity to provide to the consumer with the power in connection with high density computational operations. In addition, they further propound that they have the capability to make provision for 30Kw per rack. The data centre has earned quality and data security certifications in conjunction with ISO 27001 on top of ISO 9001.  


The data centre Melbourne is associated with the element of access pertaining to all the prime telecommunication carriers; makes provision as well hosting of seats, the workstations beyond and above the phones.  


The data centres could be discovered to be harbouring completely redundant, 2N configured systems with uninterrupted power supply.  Each rooted into highly dedicated battery power of the backup category!  The electrical utility feel could be witnessed to be redundant ring to the fullest degree.  


The whole of critical infrastructure remains under cover of continuous element of surveillance in connection with the management systems connected with environment and building! The racks pertaining to the data centre are securely locked and are generally accessible by the team dedicated to the security as well as the data centre. 


There is the presence of secure flight decks boasting of connectivity to the racks of data centre.  In addition, access would be available to multiple POP rooms: ‘Meet Me”. Approach to the amenities: encompassing online barista, breakout space on top of dining area of large dimensions. There are the data centres that are known to be offering hands support of remote sort. 

Prominent features 

Outstanding sort of connectivity with regard to the array composed of the providers, the suppression systems of the latest category, the hundred per-cent of uptime and the data is staffed all the week days. The state of art cooling technology bracketed with the N+one containment systems referred to as the hot aisle ones.  

Fire detection & Management 

A data centre Melbourne could be found to be containing the smoke detection system on top of the photoelectric and ionisation type in addition to the VESDA class.  

Redundant species 

The Sydney colocation provision could be visualized to be the data centre of international repute that runs on the internet connections pertaining to redundant species and that too in connection with phenomenal velocity. The client could Colocate in association with SIS hosting and may rest assured with the vital knowledge that the web application would be speedy, cost effective on top of being highly well supported. 

Business solution 

The SIS has been witnessed to be offering in addition to the colocation solutions of the bare metal   type and this within the boundaries of the continent of Australia. The data centres do have the pertinent business solution in connection with getting the client’s business online, keep it online as well as support the client in case they experience issues in connection with the equipment or the software. 

Numerous advantages 

The colocation Sydney services could be imagined to be among the most well reputed all across Australia. It does present to the clients the interconnection opportunities in conjunction with the digital ecosystems that are regarded as highly secure. There are numerous advantages encompassing the monitoring at 24/7/365 scale, rapid response time, security as well as reliability, the connectivity of large sort and on the top of all the data centre ranked as the top quality one. 

International hot spot 

The Sydney colocation could be carrier-neutral, connected with the hands referred to as east and remote, involved at managed installation, offering the options of connectivity directed at ten to forty Gbps; providing metro Ethernet facilities and additionally be engaged at cloud connectivity. The Sydney colocation has earned the status of the international hot spot in association with the factor of innovation and is aiding at launching and nurturing novel category of business all over Australia.   

Reinforcing the tech start-ups 

Further, the plan of Sydney with regard to fostering the technology ecosystem of vibrant sort would be reinforcing the tech start-ups, extend support to the programs that would be providing the entrepreneurial skills in addition to knowledge. On the same lines, the bureaucratic tape is broken and further help is extended in connection with the investors. The Sydney colocation facilities would be found to be hosts to the major participants in conjunction with the electronic trading of the city of Sydney, the capital markets over and above the industries connected with electronic payment. 

Third-party IT Services

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