Your personal computer is like your solitude. It contains a lot of data which you need to keep private. Family photographs, videos and the software you use. Handing over your computer to anyone can become risky sometimes. What if someone uses your data against you. Especially if you are doing online financial transactions and your browsing history is saved in your browser, then it can be very damaging for you. Also, all your private conversations are saved in your email and sometimes you keep backup of this conversation offline. So, whenever your computer needs repairing, it is always good to prepare it before handing over to anyone. This is always a smart approach that doesn’t trust anyone with your data even its friend or family member. It is always better to be prepared to regret later. There are certain things which you can do before giving your PC repairs Campbelltown, this will reduce the chances of data leakage or any mishandling of your personal information.

• Try to make a new user or guest account before giving to anyone else. Log out from your account and give the password for a guest account to the person who will be repairing your computer properly. This will keep your data save as your account is encrypted with a password and all your data will be saved in it. The repairing person can perform all the activities on the guest account and yes, never reveal your password.

• Uninstall the software which you think contains your personal information. Especially the software you are using for financial transaction or business purpose. After uninstalling the software, better to delete all the related data of the form your hard drive. So, nobody can retrieve it afterwards.

• Create a backup of your all files in an external hard drive or your other computer if you have. After creating the backup, you can delete all the data. Yes, if your account will be protected with a password, then why you need to do this. It will give you peace of mind because you will be confident that even if other people manage to sign-in your account. There will be no data available for them to exploit.

• Clear all the browsing history. It should be clear from the day you have those browsers. Not only history but also delete cookies and caches from it. Wiping out the browser history will delete all the login information and passwords for each website you visit. Play safer by uninstalling all the browsers. Then there will be no room for doubt or to feel insecure.

Always ensure your privacy is your assets, so this is your responsibility that it should be completed to protect from other people. You shouldn’t be taking it lightly and little efforts can save from future stress.

Things To Do Before Giving Your PC For Repairs

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