Measuring the effects that technology has on children is definitely no easy task. Especially, with being unable to control the use of technology, because after all everything has evolved to be a piece of technology!

Chat forums and kids

There are many chat forums that are freely available even for kids to access. As a parent you will definitely not be able to stop your kid from accessing these sites if they have their own mobiles or laptops. You can block out the sites that you know, but what about those that you don’t know? And although there are parental controls that you can use on your children, they will find a way to break away from such controls. Always keep in mind that kids can be chatting with anyone. And there is always a pervert awaiting a chance to get hold of a prey. So, the best way you can save your children is to teach them the importance of not talking to strangers online. And maintaining a friendly relationship with your children to ensure that they will always come to you, should a problem arise.

Toddlers and mobiles

In today’s world, it is no surprise if you see a toddler carrying a mobile that is advanced than yours. Because, parents are actually foolish enough to buy toddlers their own mobiles. Or some parents give their mobiles or tablets for the kids to use. It is almost impossible to decide which is worse! Because getting children as young as 2years addicted to staring a screen for prolonged periods of time has major effects to the health of the child. Not only physically but mentally as well! Just the other day, a parent comes in to get his iPhone 5 screen repair Melbourne because his little kid of 1 and a half years threw the mobile down in rage as the cartoon he wanted was not loading! Can you actually believe it?


Technology has become a source of addiction to the kids. Whether it is mobiles or the internet, laptops or televisions, technology has a way of keeping the kids glued. Can you imagine a child who needs to run about 10 times in just 15 seconds can sit in a single posture for more than an hour watching cartoon? Most of the little kids in today’s world would rather watch TV than go outside and play. They have blank expressions and live in an imaginary world. Because they are not aware of their surroundings when using technology! And when there is a need for a computer repair only would you be able to find the kids out and about!

Mental issues

Kids who use technology in excess have to deal with a lot of mental stress and may even fall in to a depression. Because most often kids tend to live in an imaginary world of perfection that they are unable to handle the real world as they grow older!

Technology Vs. Children: What Are The Effects?

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